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Series 2: Startup Glossary

Are you ready to learn the most common startup terms? Ever heard of MVP or VC? Let us make you the smartest startupper in the room.

A, B, C funding rounds

#startupsA, B, C investment roundsDaria Iniewski | Growth Marketing Manager25 June 2021 • 7 min readIn the last blog post, we told you about the Seed investment round and its effects on a startup. In this post, we will speak about other investment rounds.  The rounds...

What is Seed Investment and how to obtain it?

What is Seed Investment and how to obtain it?

As the name suggests seed investment means money used as a seed to plant a tree. Normally, it is the very first formal stage of fundraising in which the amount of money, which is raised during the seed investment is the lowest compared to all the subsequent rounds (series A, B and C). Curious to find out more? Read our article! 🤙

How to choose a programming language?

How to choose a programming language?

Choosing a proper programming language for your venture might look scary and hard. After all, it is something that many IT companies struggle with. Don’t worry though! In this blogpost we will tell you how to choose a programming language, which will perfectly correspond to your needs!

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