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Startup Glossary

Daria Iniewski

Daria Iniewski | Growth Marketing Manager

23 April 2021 • 2 min read


Ever heard of such terms as MVP or VC? Accelerator or seed money? You are very likely to come across these and many other quirky words once you start building your own venture.  Let us shed some light on mysterious startup jargon and teach you how it is used in practice.

The startup glossary is not as hard ad it might look at the first glance, but just like any other domain, it requires certain learning. The more you know the bigger your chance to succeed. And to sound smart at the startup conferences.😉

Let’s get it started!🤙

Series 1: Startup Glossary

  1.  Introduction | 23 April. 2021
  2. What is MVP and why is everybody so obsessed with it? | 23 April. 2021

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